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The curriculum of Arise Martial Arts is dedicated to aligning your soul with the Holy Spirit through bible discussion and relationship to the tenets of Tae Kwon Do: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit. 


Latest Information:

Our Best Congratulations goes out to our Grandmaster Jeff D. Nelson on his promotion to 8th Degree Grandmaster on 6-15-2015. We are Proud of you!!!

 Please see the Class Offerings tab for Locations and times!

Come Join us for Worship in Christ and a Great Workout!

THE FORMS ARE HERE!!!! Check out the Curriculum Page for the Videos of all the Colored Belt Forms as performed by our very own Senior Master Jeff D. Nelson!! There are two versions of each! One that is slow to assist you in learning your forms and one at normal speed so you can see how the form is supposed to look! ALSO, there are the first 4+ levels of the weapons Curriculum Videos posted on the Weapons Curriculum Page as performed by Mr. Shannon! Check them all out!!!

Updated Arise Curriculum and Weapons Curriculum are now in place.

See the Curriculum pages for Information.


The Arise Martial Arts Program will develop and discipline your body via concentration, focus, and physical conditioning

April 2nd - H.E.A.T Tournament by AZ MARRS. 9:30 AM

April 16th – ACS Karate Tournament. Chandler, AZ at 9 AM. Hosted by Arizona Martial Arts Tournament League.

April 16th – Grand Canyon State Games Taekwondo Tournament at ASU Rec Center in Tempe, AZ. 8:30 AM. Dr. Grant Smith – Event Director.

May 20th – GGM Micheal Owens-Wilson Graduation from Ottawa University at 1 PM.

May 20th -22nd – USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame in Fullerton, CA. 20th – Meet and Greet. 21st – Seminars and Banquet. 22nd – Alliance Tournament.

June 2nd – VSN II Tournament by AZ MARRS.

June 4th - Masters Hall of Fame in San Antonio, TX. Frank Dux keynote speaker. GM Morgan, GM Nelson, GM Wilson, Master Powell nominated.

July 23rd – Black Belt ONLY Tournament by AZ MARRS. 2:30 PM.

August 20th - Desert Storm (Free) AZ MARRS Tournament. 9 AM.

October?? – Kidd D. Jason’s Kick/Punch Awards. Time, Date, and Location to be determined.


Arise Martial Arts links the Word and teachings of Jesus Christ in order to append the human spirit to the Holy Spirit



JOHN 3:16